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I'm Back, Guys! ;]

heyy how r u ??
hope you're doing fine ! ;]

*sorry been awhile ! ;/

what do u want me to write ? ?
oh yeahhh !

my laptop is DAMAGED ! ! !
oh God that is the most fuc**ng in my life!
can't skype, blog, youtube +++

I do not know what the real cause of damage.
but for sure,
 my hard disk had to be changed!
 and I lost all the data in the laptop!

very sad. ;[
 So, that is why I am not online
 and update my blog. ermm. what else?
change the hard disk!
and now it is like a new laptop!
yeahh. ahahh, btw,
 thanks to those who stoped by on my blog!
I can see in the blog traffic!
Hugs and kisses!

ahhh I love the semester break at this time!
yeaahhh I can travel here and there
and anywhere!

and do not forget
 to spend the money
 to buy a variety of silly things!  
yeahh that is me!
anyone close to me really know how my habits ;]D  
although "things" are not helpful to anyone who looks,
 but it is very useful to me.

what else?
work during the holidays?
noo i'm not !

ahh ok. forced to stop now.
 more work must be completed.
 includes a video tutorial.
How to prepare?



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